People who are saying your car/phone/clothes don't tell anything about the person don't seem to realize that a big part of who we are is displayed through our belongings. If you watch a person over the long term you will see that this is simply not true. A lot of what we choose is based on who we are.

I went back to university recently after years of working as a trades(wo)man.

This for me really is the essence of a unisex society

I love cars, planes, anything mechanical really, so I took mechanical engineering because it interests me to no end. I'm nearing the end of my degree and money is getting tight as I take jobs based on quality over pay. So I sold my gas guzzling truck and went looking for a smaller car. I just needed something to get around and drive up and down the highway between school, work and home.

I wanted something that was still a little bit fun and easy to work on. So I ended up hunting down and buying a fairly clean 1995 Nissan 240sx off a retired gentleman who let his daughter drive it for a bit, but turns out she was a terrible driver and resulted in numerous small dings and dents on the front and back bumpers.

Easy fix.

I had a 1989 240sx hatchback a decade ago in high school and it was lots of fun.

I'll mention some of my previous vehicles:

  • SVT Lightning: I liked the SVT crowd. Everyone seemed alright and knowledgeable when I had a question. No real drama. A few teenagers sprinkled in the mix, but overall very mature.
  • Toyota Tacoma: I liked these guys. A lot of them were into outdoor exploration and camping. A very professional crowd that were good about technical specs and loved to share info.
  • GM Full size truck: a lot of really cool people with massive knowledge of the GM LS engines. Built my very first performance engine just by asking questions and getting straight up answers. But, a lot of hillbilly folk givin' their 2 cents. Which is to be expected, but can make it hard to filter out misinformation.

Then there are the people that I observe driving around in my town.

You can divide the group into three really (for the 3 series at least)

  1. 20's something with a de-badged e-46/e-90 330/335i, with exhaust, tinted tail lights and turn signals, which is moot because he won't use, and drives like a jerk.
  2. 30's something women who buys a 320i for the brand and can be seen wearing the large obnoxious sun glasses and will almost be certainly texting while driving
  3. Guy who has a well preserved e-46 3er he bought brand new at the time and just loves his car.