Where I grew up it was normal to gift the actual kid things after it was born, like season appropriate clothes/teddies/little blankets/extra soft towels/stuff the parents might need for the next developmental stage: teething things, for example.

These would often be dropped by/picked up when relatives met the kid or the parents were settled back at home. But a party for the specific purpose of baby gifts especially before it's even born - nope.

My aunts, were mid-west girls, had they been presented with the idea of this silly baby shower, the one that "showers mommy with love" would have been met with hysterical laughter. The thought that you need to give the mom some gifts for her "hard work" is laughable. Just like when she got married, you weren't giving her gifts that are supposed to be fun, they are supposed to be useful.

When I learned that I was going to be an aunt again I had to chuckle. Not one of my nieces has fewer than two children. Only one of them has two girls the others are girl/boy or boy/girl. The niece that has two girls had them close to twenty years ago, so yeah, they are about due for their own kids.

No the niece that will be having the most recent baby shower is calling it a sprinkle. I had no idea what type of non-sense this was so I had to look it up. Apparently they weren't the ones that came up with the baby sprinkle so at least they don't have to live with the stigmatization of coming up with the name.

She has three little children. And they are pretty close in age. So why host another baby shower? Sorry. Baby sprinkle? They have everything that they need. And both she and her husband work. This coupled with the fact that his parents shower them already enough with gifts, vacations, and clothes for the kids doesn't - to me - make much sense.

I am thinking about taking some advice from The Washington Post and RSVP them that I will not be coming.

It isn't that I don't like them, but I do find this whole thing a little pretentious. It is a matter of wanting too much. Too quickly. I have been to their last a little over a year ago. Baby showers? Well, if you really need to have one, you can't afford the child otherwise, then you can put one together. But when you have everything that you will possibly need for the duration of your child's first year, minus the perishables of course. Then for me, it is better to just skip it.

For me the desire to stay child free was the best decision I ever made.

The fact that I don't have to worry about taking care of a child isn't one that I ever had. But there is so much non-sense that goes along with it that I am just better off.

Just for clarification, kids are great. Just not when they are supposed to be a factor for a day at the spa and tons of gifts.